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About Our Company

Nowadays the safety and security is one of main fundamental in structures and sensitive organizations.

Accurate recognition of people who enters in an organization is the priority of protective and security systems and in public buildings.

The inspection of people and instruments are very vital in public buildings. Meantime we shouldn’t insult any personality  these days. So using of modern inspection instruments are necessary.

It wouldn’t be possible to increase the safety and security without modern equipments.

X-ray Instruments – Human’s control gate – CV cameras and transferring data machines are in a continuous collection for creating an efficient stable and safe system for various organizations.

Peyman gozaran company has produce authority and operation license from Ministry of industry , mine & Trading and also has occupation permission of nuclear energy organization .

The X-Ray and goods inspection instruments including :

1-Types of X-Ray and goods inspection systems in  different size from 60×40 to 180×180 cm and  different type of x-ray inspection systems installable in Van

2-Handheld X-Ray System with high Technology X-ray Tube 120 KV

3-Different type of x-ray inspection systems for cars truck & containers

4-Different types of inspection system for people screening  including X-ray Bodyscan for recognizing all things inside the clothes and body.

5-Various kind of specification of drugs and narcotic materials and explosive things .

6- various kind of imaging of under vehicle – Under vehicle scanning systems

7- Various Types of Fixed Walk Through Metal Detector & Handheld Metal Detectors

Our products are including two years full guarantee & 10 years after sale service

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